Felton Consult confirm that we are “Regulated by RICS” which conveys to the market place that our firm:

  • Practises to globally recognised standards
  • Behaves ethically, and acts with integrity and honesty
  • Has the required skills and competencies to do the job
  • Manages conflicts of interests transparently
  • Safeguards the security of client money
  • Manages its finances appropriately
  • Provides adequate and appropriate indemnity for your work
  • Handles complaints and disputes fairly

It tells potential clients that we can be trusted to deliver high standards of service. ‘Regulated by RICS’ conveys a consistent message of confidence and quality to clients whether they are local, national or international.

Through their presence, The RICS in the major financial centres of the world, promote the value of ‘Regulated by RICS’ to the clients you work with.

As part of this, the RICS equip our firm to promote the value of the standards we work to and our assurance of your standards.

More information can be found on RICS Client Confidence Through Assurances

Firms Regulation Number 821722

For further information, please visit the RICS website.

John Beggan MRICS
Membership Number: 0846651
Felton Consult Limited
January 2019